The Culottes

We’re getting to that stage in the year where you throw on all the layers first thing in the morning because it’s a little more on the chilly side (or if you live in Scotland like me it’s ”bloody Baltic”) but by lunch time the sun has made an appearance and your more sweaty than stylish.. I know we’re all feeling like this and for me I have found the best transitional piece for those in between weather days..

Culottes have vast become my favourite everyday trouser I have ditched the black skinny jeans and I’m embracing the flowy spring goodness these trousers bring to an otherwise simple outfit. My advice for transitioning from winter to spring fashion keep it simple with the colour. I have introduced 3 into my wardrobe rotation an everyday black pair, grey and silver for a little summin’ summin’ and a millennium pink pair because duuh..

Sticking with basics and solid base colours makes it so much easier when styling your everyday wardrobe. This is why culottes are so great for spring, stick on a basic tee and blazer and a pair of sandals and you’re out the door.. simple but effective!! Then again you will get those days where from indoors it looks like the tropics but the harsh reality when you step outside is that it’s actually only realistically 3 degrees.. for those days chuck an oversized jumper over the top tuck it in to the waist band and your good to go you will still look and feel more spring styled but your not freezing your ass off to get there!!

When it comes to footwear with culottes the opportunities are endless popping on a pair of cute sandals ups your look from spring to summer almost instantly but unfortunately where I live unless you want your toes to freeze and drop off sandals are not exactly an option at the moment (it snowed again this week.. sigh). So for the most part I’ve been relying on my trusty black vans to get me through, again basic but so easy to style!! Are you getting the vibe here I like my wardrobe picks to be easy.. Also ankle length boots are a winner remember it’s not quite summer so you don’t have to go saying goodbye to your boot collection just yet!!

There are so many other great pairs of culottes making appearances on all your favourite clothing sites at the moment from basic, to warm and knitted right through to your more summery bold prints. I’ll leave links to some of my other favourites below. I know I’ll be living in these for the next few weeks..

Jem xo

Featured in post:

New Look Black pleated culottes £19.99

Missguided Pink Pleated Culottes with Skinny Tie Belt £25

(Unfortunately grey topshop ones as seen above are no longer available but have included a pair in my faves below..)

Favourites online:

ASOS petite plisse culotte trousers £22

ASOS petite tailored linen culottes with tie waist £25

Missguided Grey pleated culotte trousers £25

Missguided Pink side Split Culottes £25

New Look Cameo Rose Blue stripe Culottes £15.99

New Look Petite Black floral lace hem culottes £24.99

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