Pink & It’s Importance this Month

Pink always has and always will be my favourite colour but this month it has been a staple on my Instagram not just for aesthetic reasons but because October marks breast cancer awareness month.

Being a nurse cancer research of any kind is something I hold close to me anyway but I have also experienced personal loss through this terrible illness sadly I lost my beautiful Gran to an aggressive form of the disease when I was only little and unfortunately this means she hasn’t been here to see all the amazing things not only me but the rest of my family are doing. Raising money means that we can prevent other families losing loved ones and seeing more positive results to an illness which completely turns your life upside down.

Breast cancer now and the wear it pink campaign is a charity that is especially close to my families heart at the moment as one of the incredible ladies in our family is battling this horrible illness and winning!! October 20th marks wear it pink day which is now one of the biggest fundraising events in the U.K and you can be involved too.. all you have to do is wear pink, easy right!! You can do this anywhere. In your work get your colleagues involved, some schools choose to get involved or you can get communities together for events to raise money and awareness. This is what we have chosen to do as a family by hosting a coffee morning and wearing pink on the 20th it feels amazing to be a part of something which truly is making a difference to so many families all over Britain.

Every day more than 140 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.K. So please if you get the chance do your bit for breast cancer awareness month whether it be joining in on the wear it pink fun or donating in your nearest charity bucket. Whatever it is thank you for supporting breast cancer research!!

Don’t forget girls a feel a day keeps the doctor away!! Wear It Pink – how to get involved on the website!!
Jem xo

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