My Winter Skin Faves

It’s been too long since I last posted.. my apologies but I haven’t been trying all that many new things recently and I was struggling a little for inspiration.. I’m currently cosied up watching the rain hit off my window so this seemed like the best time to talk about how my skin and skincare changes from the summer to winter months.
My skin isn’t that kind to me all year round but it definitely isn’t my friend in the winter. For the most part I have sensitive combination skin leaning more to the dry side but in the winter I am full on dry dry dry. I have battled with my skin for a number of years, growing up I always had dry skin and suffered badly from eczema all over my body.. as I’ve gotten older the eczema has settled and I rarely have flare ups but it has definitely left me with more sensitive dry skin. This doesn’t just apply to my face this is the same for my whole body so I wanted to share with you guys some of the products i swear by to get me through those cold winter months.

The cold is so harsh on my skin so a good sensitive skin cleanser is essential for me in the winter, i always come back to the cetaphil gentle daily cleanser it’s milky and smooth on the skin, Fragrance free, soap free so extra gentle but it still leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean plus it’s like £8 from boots and Superdrug, definitely a winner!! Cleanser check next up toner I have 2 that I love all year round and this I feel like I don’t need to change up that much whatever the season, my favourites are the Pixi Glow Tonic this is a fave because it feels so refreshing on the skin, I use it on a cotton pad all over my face after cleansing and it gently exfoliates the top layer of skin leaving it looking more even and glowy. Another fave of mine which I have mentioned loads is the Mario Badescu facial spray with aloe and cucumber this is ideal for those days when you are in a hurry, you just spritz this all over your face and your good to go!! My serum hasn’t changed and I will be using this until it runs out but for those who haven’t read my previous posts the one I’m loving is the Nip+Fab dragons blood serum. You can find full opinions and reviews in previous blog posts it’s a frequent flyer here.. Now for something that i need need need in the colder months a good facial oil!! I have been loving the Emma Hardie brilliant face oil. At £35 I won’t lie to you this is pretty expensive and it took a lot for me to part with the money for the amount of product you get! Buuuut it’s worth it and as far as facial oils go believe it or not this is one of the more affordable.. The gold packaging is stunning so hey at least it looks expensive, this is so lightweight and absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling on your face!! It has worked miracles for my dryness!! Last but not least my favourite winter moisturiser by far is the body shop Vitamin C moisturiser, the packaging is orange, the product is orange and it smells like orange!! Helps you to forget it’s winter outside.. this product is so refreshing and cooling on the skin. It leaves your face feeling hydrated and awake, a god send!

The one body product I wanted to mention for the colder months is another body shop product the Coconut Body Butter, it’s not hard to see why this is a blogger fave!! It’s thick formula is ideal for dry skin, although the formula is thick and creamy it absorbs fairly quickly and leaves you smelling amazing. But my hugest skincare tip no matter what season it is.. drink plenty water your skin will thank you!!

If you’ve got this far then thanks so much for reading!! My skin is in no way perfect but these products have definitely helped me combat my dryness these last couple of weeks with the change in weather. I would love to hear what your guys go to skincare products are this season or if we share some faves. See ya’s next time!!
Jem xo

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